The Project:

The aim of the Project "talents4bakery" is to provide trainers and teachers in the European bakery craft with new tools, to improve the exchange of knowledge, to jointly develop innovative ideas, methods and further training concepts for vocational training and to strengthen transnational networks.

Presenting the project partners:

All projektpartners have strong expertise in the field of bakery sector with project based and professional experience.

Akademie Deutsches Bäckerhandwerk Weinheim e.V.

The project is coordinated by the Akademie Deutsches Bäckerhandwerk Weinheim e.V.. As a non-profitorganisation the German National Bakers Academy belongs to all German bakers associations and offers educational services to the German bakers branch. These offers include seminars in bakery as well as in confectionery. All tutors are master bakers or master confectioners with much experience and knowledge in baking. For 80 years, it has been offering education and further education for bakers at a national but also at an international level. The German National Bakers Academy is a officially certified master school for bakers. Furthermore, the academy's tasks include vocational education and training, such as training to become a Business Manager of the Skilled Crafts, a Store Manager, a Sales Trainer, a Nutrition Consultant in the Bakery Trade, a certified Sales Manager in the Bakery Craft and a certified Bread Sommelier. In addition, one-day and modular seminars are offered on all topics related to the bakery trade. In October 2019, the Academy received the European Award for Further Education "Innovative Vocational Excellence and Training Provider Awards". The German National Bakers Academy received the EU Award in the category "Innovative Vocational Education and Training Provider Award". The German National Bakers Academy is also the training centre and administrative headquarters of the German national bakery team for the German Bakers' Confederation.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Institute Istanbul İSMEK

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Institute Istanbul ISMEK is a non-formal education organization established by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) in 1996, for the purposes of complementing formal education, through non-formal education programmes, with the mission to offer modern, high quality and added value education opportunities to Istanbul residents aligned with lifelong learning principles. IMM Institute Istanbul ISMEK has a wide network of centres easily accessible by everyone living within the borders of Istanbul, with high quality programmes to all ages, including Youth, to meet educational needs that cannot be met by formal education opportunities. The objective is to increase citizen participation by strengthening the perception that education is an ongoing process to enhance the conscious of individuals in the society and to contribute to the cultural and social development of Istanbul residents by equipping them for living in an urbanized metropolitan city. Institute Istanbul ISMEK delivers training courses in accordance with the principles of non-formal education, delivering educational services on 22 main programmes and 676 sub programmes in 141 training centres in 36 districts of Istanbul. The number of people who received training at Institute Istanbul ISMEK centres have reached 4.050.540 since 1996 when Institute Istanbul ISMEK was founded by Mayor of İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality at the time.


Zentralverband des Deutschen Bäckerhandwerks e.V.

Founded in 1948, the German Bakers’ Confederation is s the umbrella organisation of the German bakery trade. As an employer and trade association, the German Bakers' Confederation represents the interests of the German craft bakers at the federal level. In 2020,  the more than 10,000 businesses in the bakery trade in Germany, with over 255,000 employees and 45,000 sales outlets,  generated    an  annual turnover of 14.45 billion euros. In total, the bakery trade offered 13,411 young people a vocational training place in 2020.

HTL für Lebensmitteltechnologie, Getreide- und Biotechnologie

The Secondary High School for Food Technology, Grain- and Biotechnology is a very versatile training center for young people in the age between 14 and 19 years and is completed with the diploma examination. During this training, the students learn a broad basic knowledge in milling, in the bakery and above all in chemical, process engineering and microbiological aspects of the processing of predominantly plant raw materials into food.
In the master school for millers, bakers, and confectioners, all students older than 18 years can perfect their knowledge within one year and complete the craft training with the master craftsman's examination. With great passion, the masters are prepared not only professionally and technically, but also economically for the professional future. Our school is very small, but very agile, commitment, motivation, and teamwork are the driving forces in our education!


Ter Groene Poorte is a secondary school for bakery, butchery, restaurant and hospitality. Students come from all over the Flemish region till holland. As from 12 years old, students are welcome for the first 2 orientating years. After this, they make a choice between tree fields: Bakery, butchery or restaurant/hospitality.
As from 18, they can specialize and become masters in a detailed field. It is our goal to incorporate passion and love for food in our classes, but also the give a wide and general education. Our students become entrepreneurs, not only in their profession, but also and especially in life.

We strive for passion, proudness, craftmanship.
We incorporate cooperation, teamwork and leadership.
We inspire towards creativity and drive for everything we and our students undertake.



Gremi de flequers de la província de Barcelona

The Gremi de Flequers de la Provincia de Barcelona (Baker’s Guild) is a provincial organization that brings together businessmen who manufacture and sell bread, pastries and / or pastries who carry out activities in the province of Barcelona. Our mainly  objectives are to represent, manage and defend the economic, social, cultural and professional interests of its members and associates.
One of our main goals is the promotion and dissemination of bread culture, we encourage the consumption of bakery products through various advertising campaigns throughout the year.
Our Training Department provides professional training for employers and workers in the bakery and pastry sector.
With more than 25 years of experience, we have designed a wide range of training aimed at meeting the professional qualification and retraining needs of workers and improving the competitiveness of companies. We have two training spaces, located in Sabadell and at the headquarters of the Guild in Barcelona
A training based on new production techniques, but deeply rooted in craftsmanship and tradition, which allows us to improve production techniques and processes in order to work up a high quality product. A training that encourages creativity to increase the supply of products, that teaches us to sell more and better and that, in short, seeks customer´s satisfaction and the excellence of the profession.
The training activities taught correspond to the specialties of bakery and pastry, as well as other strategic and necessary cross-cutting content for companies and workers in the bakery and pastry sector that have to do with commercial action and sales, business management , food safety and all the news that companies and workers in the sector need.